About Us

Our Vision

As participants in the learning community of the Thomas G. Morton Elementary School, our vision is to provide a safe, healthy, supportive and positive academic, social, and emotional environment so that ALL students will be challenged to reach their collective and individual potential.

Our Mission

The Thomas G. Morton Elementary School family and community will create a strong foundation for developing and educating lifelong learners who are academically, socially, and globally competitive.  Through rigorous instruction and high expectations, we strive to promote scholars who can think critically, solve problems, utilize technology, and are able to embrace diversity and change.

Our school is a welcoming community of learners that engages academically talented students.

Our History

Who was T.G. Morton?

THOMAS G. MORTON (1819-1868)

Thomas G. Morton aspired to be a doctor from when he was a child. He eventually became a dentist. He developed a spring-free denture plate, but was concerned about the amount of pain his patients endured. He was the first to perform a painless tooth extraction after administering ether to a patient. He is credited with being the first to present to this anesthetic to other doctors in public.